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Serving as a chapter officer is a privilege, not a right. And with this honor comes serious responsibility. In order to work together effectively, chapter officers must respect themselves and each other. To make sure everyone starts his/her term on a positive note, consider adopting a Chapter Officer Honor Code.

Phi Theta Kappa requires both international and regional officers to sign an Honor Code, which outlines a code of conduct expected of those who have sought and accepted these highly-visible officer positions. This Honor Code can easily be adapted for use with your chapter’s officers.

Ideally, the Chapter Officer Honor Code should be available for review by all chapter members – especially chapter officer candidates before an election is held. Once elected, each chapter officer should sign a document that includes the Honor Code and a list of his/her officer responsibilities so that the advisor may keep a signed copy on file. By signing the Chapter Officer Honor Code, each person is making a commitment to put personal responsibility and integrity into action. Chapters should outline actions that will be taken if infractions occur in accordance with their chapter bylaws.


For further information on making a smooth transition in leadership, contact the Key Services Consultant or Associate Director for your Division at 800.946.9995 or