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Regional Officers

Regional programs offer members opportunities to network with many chapters all within close proximity of each other. Regional officers help to cultivate relationships between these chapters while offering special assistance to those chapters that need an added boost.


Officer positions and responsibilities vary from region to region. Most regions elect a regional president. Other positions include one or more vice presidents (representing states or districts within the region), a secretary, and some type of communication officer (web, social media, newsletter, etc.). Most regions elect individuals to officer positions while some elect chapters. Most regional officer elections are held at a spring regional conventions.

Your Regional Coordinator or Associate Regional Coordinator will be your best resource to learn about the specific responsibilities and criteria for holding office in your region. A directory of Regional Coordinators is provided in the Regional Directory.

Is Regional Office for You?

Regional officers serve an integral role in the Society - a critical link between international headquarters and local Phi Theta Kappa chapters.

Regional officers wear many hats in the region. They are encouraged to set goals for their region's participation in Society programs, attend chapter inductions and special events, serve as a resource for chapter officers, and preside at regional meetings. All of Phi Theta Kappa's 29 regions elect regional officers at their regional conventions, but duties vary depending on the region. Contact your Regional Coordinator to find out the specifics for regional office in your region.

Responsibilities earn regional officers special benefits:

  • Opportunity to travel throughout the region
  • Opportunity to be nominated for the Distinguished Regional Officer and/or Team Awards as part of the Hallmark Awards Program.
  • Some regions also provide traveling funds to the NerdNation, Phi Theta Kappa's Annual Convention, and/or the Honors Institute.
  • Benefits may be as unique as the officer holding the office.