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International Scholar Laureate Program

Phi Theta Kappa members may apply for tuition scholarships for study-abroad programs offered by the International Scholar Laureate Program, or ISLP. Scholarship applications are typically due in early March.

Educational opportunities are available to locations such as Australia, China and the United States. Students may study in five career fields: business, diplomacy and international relations, engineering, medicine and nursing. Descriptions of each area of study are found under "Our Programs" on the ISLP website.

ISLP programs provide students a chance to further their career development and strengthen their leadership skills while engaging in culturally-enriching experiences that increase their knowledge and preparation for a specific career while providing a global understanding of the career field.

Phi Theta Kappa has partnered with the ISLP, which has set aside scholarship dollars specifically for Phi Theta Kappa members. Because scholarship funds are limited and demand is extremely high, members are encouraged to apply without delay. Applications should be made directly through the ISLP website. Click here to complete the online scholarship application.

Scholarship selection is based on financial need, academic merit and student involvement in extracurricular and volunteer activities.

For more information, visit the International Scholar Laureate Program website or call 800.778.0164 or email.