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11 Steps to Creating a Scholarship Resume

Our partners at the Kaplan Educational Foundation have outlined the key ingredients for a robust scholarship resume.

  1. Goal: Your goal should be one or two sentences, which summarize your current academic and professional goals. Focus on an issue that you would like to resolve or an experience you would like to attain.

  2. Professional Experience: Include work, internships, research, etc. Create a separate document that includes the following information: Name of Supervisor, Contact Information (email, phone and address) and Pay/Compensation History. In many instances, this information will be needed when completing an application.

  3. how to write a scholarship resume
  4. Education: Include high school education, if within the last five years, and all post-college education including college and special trainings. On a separate document, record academic and professional references: name, position, relationship to you, number of years you have had a professional experience with the person. Include their contact information (email, phone, address). This information will come in handy when you are completing applications. Make sure you inform any reference that you are applying for a scholarship and that you have listed them as a reference.

  5. Awards and Recognitions: List the organization giving the award, the award title, a brief description and the month and year it was given.

  6. Memberships: Include professional, student and community memberships.

  7. Technology and Technical Skills: Include any software, programming and technology skills. You may also list specialized or technical skills in other areas.

  8. Languages: List all languages you understand, speak, write and read.

  9. Leadership: Include all leadership positions within your educational trajectory and your community.

  10. Volunteer and Community Service: Include the company name, city and state; the position or title you held; your duties and accomplishments; the number of hours you’ve volunteered; the department in which you volunteered; and the timeline of your involvement.

  11. Athletic Experiences and Achievements: List the organization, team and/or division, your position or title, your duties and accomplishments and the timeline of your participation.

  12. Artistic Expression: List the performance or art piece; your role, position, etc.; a description and any recognition received; the location and the date.