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The Phi Theta Kappa Leadership Development Studies is designed to provide emerging and existing leaders the opportunity to explore the concept of leadership and to develop and improve their leadership skills. The course integrates readings from the humanities, experiential exercises, films, and contemporary readings on leadership.

The Phi Theta Kappa Leadership Development Studies is designed to enable students to:

  • Develop a fundamental understanding of leadership and the skills manifest in effective leaders.
  • Identify their personal leadership orientation and philosophy.
  • Demonstrate effective techniques and strategies for articulating a vision.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the steps involved in setting goals.
  • Demonstrate comprehension of the elements and processes involved in decision making.
  • Describe the link between effective time management and effective leadership.
  • Identify the elements of effective team building.
  • Discuss the roles of empowering and delegating as effective leadership skills.
  • Discuss the role of a leader in initiating change and helping others to adjust to change.
  • Describe the various types of conflict and discuss the role the leader can play in managing conflict.
  • Discuss the complexities inherent in ethical leadership.
  • Define and evaluate the servant-leader’s role in leadership.
  • Develop their personal leadership ability.