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Leadership Development Studies

Fifth Edition - Leadership Development Studies: A Humanities Approach

Escape the Ordinary

At Phi Theta Kappa, we take leadership development in a new direction – one that's driven by The Humanities.

Our program uniquely harnesses the power of dialogue-based learning and applies it to a combination of classic cases, leadership profiles, TED Talks, podcasts, film studies and experiential exercises. The result is a unique, engaging, interdisciplinary approach that makes our curriculum accessible and relevant to all.

Through the study of great leaders portrayed in the humanities by writers, historians, TED Talk presenters, podcasters, and film-makers, students of our curriculum learn the passion, engagement, skill and philosophies of diverse leaders. The program facilitates the development of the student’s personal leadership philosophy through personal reflection.

Recognized as Exemplary

The W.K. Kellogg Foundation recognized Phi Theta Kappa’s Leadership Development Studies curriculum as one of only eight Exemplary Leadership Development Programs in Higher Education.*

*Selection was based upon effectiveness, philosophy, sustainability, comprehensiveness and targeted training, development and support for program facilitators.

Curriculum Uses

  • An online course for Phi Theta Kappa members – the 6th edition of the course is open and free of charge to all Phi Theta Kappa members

  • In an existing credit course with leadership competencies

  • For an elective leadership course to meet humanities core curriculum or general education requirements for students in any degree program

  • To conduct retreats, workshops or seminars for student leaders

  • In college orientations and first-year programs

  • In community and continuing education workshops or seminars

  • As the basis of a leadership certificate program for business and industry


Instructor Certification

Are you interested in offering the Phi Theta Kappa curriculum as a credit course, a non-credit course, for orientations and First Year Experience programs, or in community and continuing education workshops or seminars? Certification is a pre-requisite for anyone who desires to facilitate leadership development using the Phi Theta Kappa curriculum. Candidates for instructor certification include student affairs professionals, honors program directors and faculty, college faculty from all disciplines, Phi Theta Kappa advisors, college administrators and leadership professionals. International Facilitators conduct several instructor certification seminars during the year across the United States. It's time to begin your escape from ordinary leadership development curriculum. Here's how.

Instructors Experience Value

“Phi Theta Kappa’s Leadership Development Studies Curriculum is life-changing! It is a thoroughly-developed, exceptional curriculum.”

Dr. Mary Thornley
Trident Technical College, South Carolina

I have seen amazing results and transformative experiences for students. We are adding offerings of this course to meet student demands. This course is working WONDERFULLY on our campus!

Dr. Jennifer Lane
Honors Program Coordinator
English Faculty
Glendale Community College, Arizona