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Browse the list of frequently-asked questions about the Five Star Chapter Plan.

Submitting a Chapter Annual Report and having HQ-approved bylaws are still required; they are just no longer tracked in the Five Star Chapter Plan.

No, chapters are encouraged to host a formal ceremony at least once annually as a best practice, but induction ceremonies are not required to fulfill the Reach Star.

A member’s participation in PTK Edge or Unit 1 of the Leadership Development Studies Course must be in the current calendar year to count.

Yes! This Engage Star activity is completed if one currently-serving chapter advisor has completed the Advisor Edge curriculum at any time.

The Regional Coordinator will report to Headquarters chapters in their regions that participate in ANY in-person or virtual regional event or activity during the current calendar year. A chapter representative campaigning or serving in a regional leadership role also counts (regional officers, regional advisory councils, etc.).

Yes. Your chapter may work on multiple Star activities simultaneously. Stars are earned as soon as all activities under a Star have been completed.

Headquarters will check off these items when the chapter submits Hallmark Award entries for their College Project and Honors in Action Project. The online entry forms open in the fall and are due the following January. Check our Hallmark Awards website for specific deadlines.

Your chapter may continue to select/elect officers anytime during the year. In the past, many chapters have completed Five Star Chapter Plan requirements under two sets of officer teams. Many chapters elect officers in February or March so that they may participate in PTK Catalyst, Phi Theta Kappa's Annual Convention, usually held in April. However, it is completely up to your chapter to determine when chapter officer elections are held.


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