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Five Star Chapter Plan Requirements

Five Star Chapter Plan Guide

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All chapters have a default goal of One Star Level. Set your chapter’s goal using the Progress Report Form.

Chapters may report their progress as many times as they wish throughout the year. However, the FINAL DEADLINE to report your chapter’s progress is January 23, 2020. Chapters will be recognized on the local, regional and international levels based on the level reported by January 23.

Please note: some activities are automatically checked off by Phi Theta Kappa Headquarters (e.g., reporting new members, submitting Hallmark Awards entries, etc.)

 One Star Level

  1. Organize a membership recruitment campaign:
    • Create awareness of Phi Theta Kappa among students and faculty on campus (
    • Identify eligible students
    • Outline a recruitment plan that includes setting a goal to be recognized as a REACH Rewards chapter
    • Conduct informational meetings about benefits
    • Eligible students join
    • Hold induction ceremony
  2. Submit the Chapter Annual Report to Headquarters. The report will be emailed to all contact advisors in January.
  3. Review Chapter Bylaws and submit any necessary revisions to Headquarters.

Note: One Star Level requirements are checked by Headquarters based upon information verified in the chapter’s records.

  Two Star Level

  1. Chapter advisor(s) and officers review plan requirements and submit a Five Star level achievement goal.
  2. Conduct at least two membership recruitment campaigns during the year. (Each campaign should include all elements listed in Level one. While holding an induction ceremony for each recruitment campaign is a best practice, only one per year is required.)
  3. Organize Chapter Leadership:
    • Report new chapter officers during the year.
    • Verify that the college president, chapter administrator, and chapter advisor information on the chapter directory is current and report any changes.
    • Provide a structured orientation for new chapter leaders.
    • Meet twice each month with chapter and/or chapter officers.
    • Meet with college president or other administrator to develop and discuss goals of the chapter.

   Three Star Level

  1. Chapter is involved at a regional level in at least ONE of the following ways:
    • Campaign for regional office
    • Host/assume leadership role at a regional meeting
    • Participate in a Regional Project
    • Collaborate with at least 2 other chapters for an activity or event
  2. Chapter representative(s) attend at least one official regional meeting. If the chapter is more than 500 miles from all regional meetings, the chapter may satisfy this requirement in one of two ways:
    • The chapter officer(s) must participate in a conference call, online chat or teleconference with one or more regional officers and/or the Regional Coordinator. The purpose of the call will be to discuss Phi Theta Kappa programs and specific ways the chapter can get involved. OR
    • The chapter must host a "mini-conference" for their chapter members and invite speakers to address the current Honors Study Topic. The speakers can be members of the college faculty or the community.
  3. Chronicle chapter activities for historical purposes. Examples include keeping an Honors in Action journal, maintaining a notebook of chapter meeting minutes and/or newsletters, saving copies of Hallmark Awards entries, etc.
  4. Publish chapter news in at least one of the following ways:
    • Publish a newsletter
    • Maintain a chapter website, Facebook page or other social media
    • Submit chapter news to a publication

    Four Star Level

  1. Implement a College Project which is determined by the chapter and college president or other administrator.
  2. Enter at least one category in your 2020 regional awards program. Chapters submitting an entry in Phi Theta Kappa's Hallmark Awards will automatically be entered in their regional awards program.
  3. Host a Phi Theta Kappa awareness event for your chapter on the college campus. Elements of your awareness event could include sharing benefits of membership like scholarship opportunities, Honors in Action, PTK Connect, etc.

     Five Star Level

  1. Develop an Honors in Action Project (
    • Review the 2018/2019 Honors Program Guide: Transformations: Acknowledging, Assessing and Achieving Change.
    • Select a theme of interest to your chapter
    • Set research objectives and goals and start conducting research on the theme
    • Share the chapter’s Honors in Action research with campus or community
    • Implement an Honors in Action Project
  2. Submit at least 3 entries in the 2020 Hallmark Awards Program including the Honors in Action Project Award, College Project Award, and at least one individual award category.
  3. Chapter representative(s) participates in AT LEAST ONE of the following:
    1. Attend 2019 Annual Convention, OR
    2. Attend 2019 Honors Institute, OR
    3. Participate in at least one level of the new online advisor education curriculum called the Five Star Advisor Plan, OR
    4. Submit an entry in the Honors Case Study Challenge