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Advisor Nomination Tips

The following activities and responsibilities represent areas in which an advisor may support their Phi Theta Kappa chapter. Award entries may include highlights of the advisor's service in these areas.

Chapter Development

  • Helped establish the chapter at the current college, or helped an existing chapter reach new levels of achievement
  • Spoke at Orientation/Induction Ceremony for eligible students
  • Conducted a chapter officer orientation and set goals each year
  • Attended chapter and officer meetings and assisted with events
  • Arranged for speakers at chapter events
  • Was an advocate for the chapter on campus and in the community

Development of Individual Chapter Members

  • Assisted members in developing leadership skills and encouraging them in pursuing leadership roles on the local, regional and international levels
  • Encouraged and/or assisted members with their scholarship applications and PTK Connect, Phi Theta Kappa's interactive career, scholarship and transfer planning tool
  • Wrote letters of recommendation for chapter officers and/or members
  • Mentored members for career and transfer opportunities
  • Promoted member participation in PTK Edge, Phi Theta Kappa’s online courses addressing soft skills, researching, transferring, and getting a job.

Phi Theta Kappa Programming

  • Participated with members in:
    • Five Star Chapter Plan
    • College Project
    • Honors in Action Project based on the Honors Study Topic
  • Is certified in the Leadership Development Studies Program

Regional and International Society Participation

  • Attended Regional Meetings
  • Presented workshops and/or served as a seminar leader at a Regional Meeting
  • Served as a Regional Advisory Board Member
  • Supported the chapter in hosting or co-hosting a Regional Meeting
  • Attended Annual Convention
  • Served as a presenter or facilitator at Annual Convention 
  • Served as an officer for the Society's Association of Chapter Advisors or on the Board of Directors
  • Served on the Phi Theta Kappa Honors Program Council or other Task Force
  • Supported a member's (or chapter's) candidacy for regional or international office