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Administrator Nomination Tips

The following examples highlight how college presidents and campus CEOs have made significant contributions to Phi Theta Kappa.

Chapters nominating college presidents and other administrators for Hallmark Awards should detail specific instances of support similar to these in their chapter's nomination materials.

Recognition of Academic Achievement

  • Regularly promotes Phi Theta Kappa on campus and at campus convenings
  • Promotes a culture of aspiring to become a Phi Theta Kappa member
  • Dedicates resources from registrar to assist with member recruitment
  • Dedicates resources from marketing to assist with member recruitment
  • Assists in PTK awareness with signed invitation letters/social media/other
  • Provides funds (operational or foundation) to subsidize membership for those who cannot afford it
  • Encourages faculty recognition of PTK members in their classrooms

Opportunities for Student Growth

  • Provides funding for student attendance and travel to regional events
  • Provides funding for student attendance and travel to international events
  • Promotes student participation/application of PTK scholarships
  • Integrates Phi Theta Kappa into student success initiatives on campus
  • Provides meaningful ways for students to lead on campus

Advisor Support

  • Appoints advisors who are actively engaged in student success
  • Provides funding for advisor travel to regional and international events
  • Provides a stipend or release time for advisor participation in PTK
  • Dedicates physical space to the advisor and/or chapter members
  • Provides staff support for chapter administration
  • Regularly recognizes advisors as champions of student success

Chapter Interaction

  • Attends chapter induction ceremonies
  • Meets with chapter leaders to discuss projects on campus
  • Provides additional leadership opportunities for chapter officers
  • Attends chapter meetings
  • Recognizes the chapter and/or chapter leaders for their achievements
  • Facilitates chapter presentations at local high schools or other community venues

Advocacy for PTK Outside of Campus

  • Participates in the All-USA program
  • Regularly attends the All-State program
  • Advocates or secures transfer scholarships for PTK members
  • Advocates or secures workforce scholarships/internships for PTK members
  • Attends Regional Meetings
  • Attends International Events (PTK Catalyst Annual Conventions)