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Best Practices

10 Proven Ways to Recruit New Members

imags for best practices for Phi Theta Kappa chapters

1. Consider every student to be a prospective Phi Theta Kappa member and every staff and faculty member to be a potential supporter.

2. Diversify your communication methods. Follow emails with mailed or hand-delivered letters. Send a personal “pre-invitation” to prospective students to let them know an official invitation is coming from PTK Headquarters.

3. Dress your chapter officers or members in PTK t-shirts — or even PTK graduation regalia — and send them into classrooms to “tap” eligible students. Hand-deliver the invitations, say a few words about why these students have been asked to join, and encourage everyone to attend an upcoming info session or orientation. *Ask your faculty for permission first.

imags for best practices for Phi Theta Kappa chapters

4. Meet your students where they are: social media. Use your personal social channels to promote PTK on Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook to your non-member followers. Send out links to PTK webinars that cover FAQ’s about membership.

5. Accompany your college admissions team when they visit local high schools. Wear your PTK shirt, hand out Membership Recruitment Cards, and talk first-hand about the benefits of membership.

6. Reach out to eligible students BEFORE they receive official invitations! Get a copy of the Presidents List when it’s out, start contacting the students on it, and tell them to be on the lookout for their membership invitation. Better yet — ask your college president to include a message about PTK in his/her congratulatory letter to these students.

7. Reach online-only students by offering membership acceptance online and by live streaming your orientations and chapter meetings on social media or by utilizing a video conferencing platform like Zoom.

imags for best practices for Phi Theta Kappa chapters

8. Choose a certain period of time, and offer invited students a limited-time discount — or a complete waiver — of the local portion of the membership fee. Yes, this is an option! Talk with your Member Services Specialist to learn more.

9. Consider hosting an awareness week with chapter members staffing booths in campus lobbies. Distribute free PTK t-shirts to faculty and staff and invite them to wear the shirts during the week to increase visibility.

10. Recruitment is a year-long effort. Stay involved in campus activities and wear your PTK gear to stand out as you participate in honors, service, and leadership activities.