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Orientation for Prospective Members

Orientation Presentation

Use this presentaiton to tell students about member benefits during your orientation meeting.

Download the presentation

Note: The file includes a slide show, an outline and a script (in the notes section). Customize this presentation by adding information about your chapter.

Orientation Agenda

Chapters should schedule the eligible student orientation approximately two weeks prior to the induction ceremony. Many chapters offer several orientations on different days and at different times to accommodate the varied schedules of eligible students.

  1. Welcome. Create a team of officers or members to function as the welcoming committee for the event. Committee members can provide nametags, facilitate introductions and offer refreshments during the meeting. Making potential members feel welcome creates an inviting first impression, which is the key to any successful orientation.

  2. Focus on Membership Benefits. Use the Orientation PowerPoint (available for download below) as the basis for this part of the orientation. During this presentation, have tangible benefits like the Golden Key membership pin, the membership certificate and ID card and the honors cord, stole, tassel and medallion on display for students to view.

  3. Stress that participation is voluntary. Students should understand that membership benefits are not contingent on participation. If applicable, consider using this time to share information about any additional benefits offered by your chapter to members who choose to participate in chapter activities.

  4. Explain application and membership fees. Provide students with Membership Applications and explain that membership fees are paid only once. Give the deadline and instructions for submitting applications and membership fees. Announce the time, date and location of the induction ceremony and encourage students to invite friends and family as guests. Members have the option to securely and safely accept membership online. If membership is accepted online, students will be able to access benefits within 24 hours. Members who submit printed applications will be able to access benefits within 30 days. Learn more about offering online membership acceptance.

  5. Leave time for questions. The entire orientation agenda should not exceed one hour, including questions.