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Induction Ceremony

Chapters are required to induct students at least once per year, but most chapters induct new members more frequently -- often once in the spring and again in the fall. Some chapters also host inductions during summer terms. Chapters usually host at least one formal induction ceremony per year, while additional ceremonies are sometimes more informal.

Tips to Planning a Successful Induction

  1. Choose a date and time for the induction. Most inductions, especially formal ones, involve the college faculty and administration, chapter members, new inductees and their family and friends. Evenings and weekends usually work best for all involved.

  2. Select and reserve a location. The degree of formality your chapter desires for the induction ceremony will guide you in choosing a location. Formal induction ceremonies often occur in college auditoriums or reception rooms. Informal ceremonies may occur in the chapter's regular meeting room, the chapter office or at an outdoor location on campus.
  3. Invite guests. For formal induction ceremonies, chapters should invite faculty members, college administrators, college board members and other special guests. Encourage inductees to invite their friends and family to attend.
  4. Book a guest speaker. College administrators, faculty or community leaders often serve as guest speakers for induction ceremonies. Common speech topics include leadership, opportunities available as a Phi Theta Kappa member, or the Honors Study Topic.
  5. Gather the materials needed for the ceremony. See the detailed list of ceremony materials listed in the Resources section below.
  6. Schedule the ceremony rehearsal. Inductees and others involved in the program are usually asked to arrive for the ceremony early enough to rehearse before guests arrive.