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Awareness Weeks

Why Awareness?

Right now, only about one of every 10 students who are eligible for membership actually accepts the invitation. That means the other nine are missing out on access to life-changing benefits of membership!

We need your help to move the needle and affect the outcomes of more of these students. Together, we can reach not only eligible students but their parents and family; college faculty, staff and administrators; and even high school students.

Scheduling Conflict?

Even if the timing isn't right for your chapter to host a visibility event during our designated Awareness Weeks, you can still participate.

Use Awareness Week as a time to engage your officer team, membership committee and/or communications team in evaluating your chapter's visibility and recruitment strategies and developing a plan for stepping up your efforts. Connect with us during our social media blitz these weeks and with our community of scholars for bright ideas, tried and true techniques and answers to your questions. By sharing our resources and joining together, we can affect the outcomes of many more deserving students!