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15 Tips to Grow Your Fanbase (and Your Chapter)

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Once you've built your chapter's Facebook page, fans will not magically appear. You must draw them in. When prospective members visit your page, you want them to find more about your chapter, the culture and honor society as a whole. An active chapter page can do just that. Try some of these time-test tips to help you reach out to others to grow not only your number of likes but your chapter too!

1. Set all posts to publish with the public setting. If you need a confidential online site for special projects, add a separate Facebook group page with members-only communication.

2. Ask to include a Facebook Like Box widget on your college's website. If your chapter is included on your college’s organizations or clubs page, ask to add a Facebook Like Box widget inviting people to visit and like your page.

3. Get members to join your Facebook page via text message at your next meeting. First, you’ll need at least 25 fans on your page to secure your Facebook username. Then, anyone can text to join your page by sending a text message to 32665 (FBOOK) with the words fan yourusername or like yourusername.

4. Use email, print media and locations to display your Facebook icon and address. Include a social media invitation on every email and always include links in your email signature block. Download icons here.  Display social sites icons and addresses are clearly on all printed pieces. Display a Facebook Sign at Your Phi Theta Kappa Meeting area, advisor’s office, bulletin boards and around campus.

5. Use your personal Facebook profile. Ask members to add Phi Theta Kappa as an interest on their personal pages. Under your photo on your personal profile, write something about yourself and add a link to your chapter's page. Be sure to format the URL with http://, otherwise it will not be clickable. You have a limited amount of characters, so leave out the www’s. Ex: http://facebook.com/yourfacebookaddress.

6. Integrate the Facebook comment feature. As users comment on your posts, their engagement activity is pushed out into their stream (profile wall and their friends’ News Feeds). This creates valuable viral visibility. Enable this in the Facebook Settings/Visitor Posts section.

7. Enable Facebook to recommend your page to others. Have Facebook recommend your page to others as a page people might like. Enable in the Facebook Settings/Similar Page Suggestions.

8. Use the #phithetakappa hashtag on all of your social media posts. We continuously scan the internet for all public setting posts using #phithetakappa and we feature them on ptk.org.

9. Get fans to tag photos. Encourage members and friends to tag themselves in photos posted to the chapter page. This, again, pushes out into their wall and News Feeds, providing valuable exposure. Enable in the Facebook Settings/Tagging Ability section.

10. Add ‘Call to Action‘ button to your page banner. Add a button to take people directly to an introductory video, contact information or website. Go to your page’s cover photo and click ‘Create Call to Action’.

11. Make a welcome video and share post videos. Create an attractive landing tab with a video that explains what your chapter page is about. Make sure the video asks the viewer to “click the ‘Like button’ now.” View an example. Also share videos directly as a post to your Facebook page. Upload them directly rather than linking from YouTube for best reach. Remember to add #phithetakappa hashtag.

12. Use the share button and ask officers and members to share. The share button only works for sharing on your personal profile. Periodically go to your Phi Theta Kappa page, click the “Share+” button, add a compelling comment and invite your personal newsfeed friends to visit and like the Phi Theta Kappa page. Ask or remind members at each meeting to share your Phi Theta Kappa page posts to their personal pages.

13. Share Official Phi Theta Kappa Facebook Page posts. We aggregate Phi Theta Kappa news, stories and community college news on the official Phi Theta Kappa page. Find good material to share to your own page and save time.  

14. Invite people who have liked a post on your page to “like” your page. Your posts will attract likes from those interested in your news that are not fans of your page. Under your post see the list of ‘likes’ and click on the “and others” hyperlink. A list will pop up. Invite non-fans with the “Invite” button.

15. Find your best platforms and cross promote. Don’t water down your good efforts on too many social media platforms. Find what works best and concentrate on that. If you have multiple platforms, share the responsibility among several members. Cross-promote by inviting your Tweeters to join your Facebook page, your Facebookers to share on your Instagram page and so on.

The best advice to give? Have Fun! Sincere, positive energy is contagious. The dynamic of social media is pretty simple. Have fun and always reach out to others to help them. The needs of others come first and in the long run will grow your community.