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Association of Chapter Advisors

Molly Harris

Dr. Molly Harris
Representing Division II
Omicron Psi Chapter
Grayson College
Denison, Texas
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Octaviano Gutierrez

Octaviano Gutierrez
Vice Chair
Representing Division IV
Rho Zeta Chapter
Big Bend Community College
Moses Lake, Washington
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Annie Tuttle

Dr. Annie Tuttle
Representing Division I
Alpha Sigma Zeta Chapter
Onondaga Community College
Syracuse, New York
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Kari Kahler

Dr. Kari Kahler
Immediate Past Chair
Representing Division III
Alpha Rho Pi Chapter
Northwestern Michigan College
Traverse City, Michigan
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About the Association of Chapter Advisors

All Phi Theta Kappa chapter advisors are members of the Association of Chapter Advisors, or ACA, an organization that meets annually at each Phi Theta Kappa Annual Convention.

The ACA board includes four ACA Officers, one from each of Phi Theta Kappa's four divisions. This structure provides opportunity for advisors from each division to serve Phi Theta Kappa at the international level.

Advisors elect ACA Officers to serve as liaisons between their fellow advisors and the Headquarters staff.

The Role of the ACA Officers

Each ACA officer serves a four-year term beginning with Secretary then advancing to Vice Chair, Chair and Immediate Past Chair. The officers …

  • give feedback to the Headquarters staff on a variety of Society issues and programs;
  • assist in planning the program for the annual ACA meeting and preside during the Annual Convention’s Advisors Event;
  • and may be called upon to serve on various committees and act as facilitators for advisor enrichment.

Officers receive ACA officer pins reflecting their time of service. Phi Theta Kappa provides travel expenses for the ACA Chair to travel to the Annual Convention. The Chair also receives an engraved gavel upon completion of their term of service.

ACA Officer Nomination Process

  • Call for ACA Secretary nominations opens each year approximately 2-3 months prior to PTK Catalyst.
  • Nominees must be serving as an advisor in the Division for which they are nominated.
  • Advisors in any division may nominate.
  • The nominator should gain permission from the nominee before submitting the nomination.
  • ACA Officers cannot nominate a candidate, but they can encourage others to nominate or be nominated.
  • All advisors may vote, regardless of their division.
  • Nominations for candidates for the ACA Secretary position may be submitted to Phi Theta Kappa's Student Engagement Department. Nominations are typically due by mid-February each year.

Divisional Election Cycle

  • In 2023, a division representative will be elected for Division III.
  • In 2024, a division representative will be elected for Division II.
  • In 2025, a division representative will be elected for Division IV.
  • In 2026, a division representative will be elected for Division I.