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Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society has been recognizing and encouraging excellence among college students since it was founded in 1918. Today, the Society is the largest honor society in higher education with nearly 3.8 million members and nearly 1,200 chapters located in 50 states and 11 nations. The recognition and scholarship opportunities that Phi Theta Kappa brings to an institution, its faculty advisors and most importantly to its student members are unparalleled by any other student organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

The entire chartering process usually takes about one college term to complete. Your chapter works directly with a Phi Theta Kappa contact to complete the process according to your schedule. In order to officially become a chapter of Phi Theta Kappa and gain full rights of benefits for your members, colleges must complete all phases.

College presidents are asked to give careful consideration to the appointment of advisors. This decision is one of the most crucial steps of the chartering process and determines the strength and long-term success of the chapter. The college administration is solely responsible for the appointment of the chapter advisor.

Yes. If a college has more than one campus, each campus is eligible to charter a Phi Theta Kappa chapter. Most multi-campus colleges have multiple chapters.

Any regionally accredited four-year institution that offers one of the required associate degree programs is eligible to charter a Phi Theta Kappa chapter. Only students who have completed courses towards an associate degree program would be eligible for membership.

Members of Phi Theta Kappa pay a one-time membership fee of $60 in addition to a regional and local fee. Students are not required to participate in chapter activities to take advantage of the benefits of membership.